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There are several moments in the life of a pet in which it could be necessary to have a support.
For this reason was realized Ormevit, a complementary food with vitamins and mineral salts: your pet will immediately feel better!
Ormevit contains vitamins (A, B, C, D and E) and mineral salts such as iron, copper, selenium and zinc.
Another important ingredient is the carrot extract that contains antioxidants, vitamin C and A.
Also the seaweed Spirulina contains vitamins, mineral salts and polyunsaturated fats: they are valid antioxidants and enhance the normal functionality of the immune system. Finally, the brewer's yeast is rich of essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins (group B vitamins). It is a valid protein supplement and immediate energy deliver in case of poor physical health.

Ormevit is recommended during pet growth, convalescence periods, hyponutrition, stress (vaccination, treatments, journeys, hunting, intense physical activity, breastfeeding, diet change)

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