Camon presents his new Dog Coat Collection Fall/Winter 21-22: born to surprise you

Dressing your dog, nowadays, is no longer considered only an aesthetic habit. Pet owners are, in fact, aware of the importance that a specific item of clothing can have for the well-being of their four-legged friend.
This is why Camon, always close to the needs of those who share their lives with a pet, is pleased to present the new Fall / Winter 21-22 Clothing Collection.

The long experience gained in the sector, combined with continuous research and improvement of models, allows Camon to offer a collection that satisfies the needs of comfort, fit and style of the dog, in a skilful balance between aesthetic pleasure and functionality.
Camon designer team studies, designs and tests the models, built around the real needs of the animal. Added to this, the attention to detail that embellishes each garment, making it unique and recognizable.

It is not just a set of ideas and creativity.
It is not just a selection of models and solutions.
And no, stressing their beauty and quality is not yet enough.
There is more to it.
There is much more to it.

Each of our collections stems from the desire to offer all pet fans and owners a new and exciting experience.
Taste and style speak Italian, thanks to our team of designers.
Wearability is built and tested around the real needs of the animal.
Attention to details enhances each model, making it unique and noticeable.
Our new collection offers a wide range of sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, down jackets and raincoats, as well as some models that are manufactured entirely in Italy.
We have studied, designed and manufactured them with our utmost care.
They look like us: they were born to surprise you, like us.

99% of the clothing items in our collection are made with total respect for animal welfare, without the use of animal skins, furs and animal by-products.
Furthermore, some models were produced from 100% recycled material: a further focus on sustainability.
The packaging of our dog apparel is made from cardboard: an environmentally friendly choice.

Other events


SCIVAC Rimini Congress is one of the most important international events in the field of veterinary medicine and, after two years of forced isolation, it finally returns in phisical presence.
The 2022 edition of the event will be held at the Palacongressi di Rimini from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 May 2022 and will also see our company among the protagonists with an exhibition space in which we will highlight in particular our rich range of complementary foods and our line of natural protection products, that have made Camon and our Orme Naturali line increasingly known and appreciated by experts of the sector and by owners of dogs and cats.

You will find us at booth B08.

The event is reserved for operators.
More infos on https://www.scivacrimini.it/en/

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The balance in the out-of-meal diet of adult dogs now has new possibilities: Camon snack line has been expanded with 6 exclusive horse meat references, available in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of dogs of all sizes.

Camon's snack line, recognized for its high quality and extensive assortment, is now expanding to include 6 new complementary foods with horse meat, rich in first class proteins, without additives and with a gluten-free formula.

Camon new snacks line with horse meat contains 5 treats made with a single animal protein, very useful especially for particularly sensitive pets. These snacks are available in different shapes, jerky, strips, dice (also in mini version) as well as a conveniently portionable bar, a valid option if you use the snack as a reward.

To these 5 references is added the sandwich version, with the combined presence of horse and cod, always in a gluten-free and additive-free formulation, for a complete and high-quality offer.

Camon new snacks line with horse meat is available in the best specialized stores in convenient freshness-saving packs that allow for optimal preservation of the snack.
These references further enrich the Camon snack line, which includes both treats with animal protein products and a wide range of vegetable snacks.

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Camon at Bricoday 2018 Expo & Forum: the only pet company which attends the event. Also this year, the important Bricoday Expo & Forum event takes place again, designed to bring together and put in communication the most important Italian and international active players in the DIY sector. Bricoday Expo & Forum is a conference-exhibition which, year after year, is registering an increasing number of participants, gaining a growing interest. Camon will attend this 2018 edition as the only active company in the pet sector, with a dedicated exhibition space. If you operate in this sector, come and visit us at stand B3! Click HERE to visit our profile in the Exhibitors section.

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