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After the growing success of the last editions, Bricoday has become as one of the most important B2B events for the worlds of DIY, home decoration and outdoor, supported by the Bricomagazine magazine and created with the aim to connect the most important Italian and international players of the DIY sector.

Reaching the important milestone of its 15th edition, the event will take place once again at the Fieramilanocity exhibition center in Milan, continuing its growth path and also expanding into part of pavilion 4 while remaining connected to pavilion 3, the location which has hosted the event for two years. The total surface area will increase to 22,000 m2, with an increase of 20% compared to 2022, while there will be 390 exhibitors representing all the worlds of DIY.

And, among them, Camon will take part also in this 2023 edition with its exhibiting space, in which guests will know better and appreciate the completeness of our product catalogue, designed to meet all the needs of pets and those who take care of them.

Are you an operator of the sector? Come and visit us at stand C4: we are waiting for you!
HERE to visit our profile in the Exhibitors section.

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Managing the rehabilitation phase after surgery or, more generally, dermatological problems of dogs and cats can be particularly delicate. In fact, our four-legged friends can instinctively lick the affected or painful part, removing the dressings and compromising the optimal healing process.
To help manage these phases more effectively, Camon offers pet owners two specific models of post-operative
shirts, designed around the needs of our four-legged friends to offer optimal comfort, breathability and perfect fit.

Protecting the skin after a surgery or in the case of skin disorders such as infections in general, allergies, eczema, itching, dermatitis, etc. is important for the well-being of dogs and for the most effective restoration of its skin health.
This whole process can be helpet by the Camon post-operative shirt for dogs, a very practical aid easy to put on thanks to the closure on the back with Velcro and very comfortable for the dog, thanks to its high quality breathable fabric.
Perfectly adjustable in length, this shirt is available from size 24 to 75, that allows you to adapt to animals of all sizes.

Cats, as we know, can be particularly resistant to the use of clothing that is constrictive and limiting for them. Under certain conditions, it may also be necessary to prevent them from licking wounds and scars due to surgery, injury or dermatological problems, protecting the affected parts and thus helping to optimize healing times. Camon's post-operative shirt for cats was designed precisely for this purpose: designed with the utmost care for the pet’s comfort needs, it is made of a soft and breathable fabric and is very convenient to put on. The double adjustment with Velcro openings on the back and in the tail offer a perfect fit.
The post-operative shirt for cats is available in 3 sizes, including the new XL size which also meets the needs of larger sized cats.

The post-operative shirts by Camon are available in the best pet shops.

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A bag that turns into a comfortable bed or a convenient mattress in a few moves.
All Camon's multipurpose carrier bag makes it possible, a smart solution for taking your four-legged friend with you, perfect for adapting to all his needs.

Pet owners are always looking for comfortable and versatile solutions for carrying their pet and Camon's new multipurpose carrier bag was developed to grant what they are asking for.
It does so by offering, in a single product, 3 different solutions that guarantee comfort and rest for the animal: with a few simple gestures, this carrier bag can become a soft kennel or, again, a convenient mattress.
A different method of use for each situation.

The new multipurpose carrier bag by Camon is made of a soft fabric that welcomes the four-legged friend in an excellent way, while its side openings guarantee excellent visibility and ideal air circulation.
Designed for pets with a maximum recommended weight of 7 kg, this bag is made of water-resistant fabric and can be used both using the handles and the adjustable shoulder strap.
Furthermore, it is equipped with:
- An internal safety leash
- A side pocket to hold his accessories
- A double drawstring to adjust the width in kennel mode

Presented in 2 grey/orange and grey/light blue colours, this new multipurpose carrier bag by Camon is available in the best pet shops.

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Wellness, relax, fun and many useful accessories for every experience with your inseparable four-legged friend: during the hottest months of the year, Camon's 2023 summer collection is conquering pet owners with its exclusive assortment.

The high temperatures of these weeks require even greater attention to our pet friends’ health.
To relieve their feeling of heat and to help avoid dangerous heat strokes, Camon's 2023 summer collection offers a line of cooling mattresses, available in 4 sizes, which do not require freezing, are durable and easy to carry also for outdoor activities. Soft and resistant, they can be also useful for animals suffering from joint pain and inflammation.
For pet friends loving to play with water, a must-have accessory is represented by dog pools, available in 3 sizes, easy to assemble, equipped with an internal non-slip lining and adjustable to different spaces thanks to their flexible walls.

Colourful, refreshing or floating and in many different subjects: these are Camon's summer toys, a line that includes lively and realistic refreshing silicone toys in the shape of an ice cream cone and ice lolly, TPR toys, floating toys in the most typical forms of the marine environment.
Moreover, the treat toys, the floating rubber, EVA and rope balls but also some wonderful figures in the shape of a whale, a turtle and a crab with rope inserts.

Whether it's a morning walk in the park enjoying the fresh air, or a trekking to the hills, a picnic, a training session, any situation can be the right one to be with your pet.
Camon offers some convenient accessories for outdoor summer adventures, such as the colorful pet training bags, handy treat bags provided with a drawstring top closure that can be easily attached to the belt by the handy clip, or the resistant food bags with silicone bowl and detachable bowl, the convenient portable bottles and pocket bowls, as well as the foldable silicone bowls available in square, round, single or double and even inclined versions.
And if our excursion also includes a dip in the sea, obviously paying great attention to the safety of our four-legged friend, here are the dog life vests, available in 6 sizes to meet the needs and dimensions of animals of different sizes.

Camon's summer collection is available in the best pet shops.

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Camon never stops adding new options to its comfort line: pet beds, cushions and other accessories designed and manufactured to provide comfort and relax to four-legged friends, always focusing on style and design trends.
Among the latest collections created by the Camon designer team,
the Crochet and Play With Me series are here for you.

Every season is the right one to search for refinement.
For this reason as well, the new Crochet comfort line by Camon is conquering pet owners thanks to the elegance of the crochet stitch pattern, available in 2 different colours.

The second Camon main collection in this moment is called Play with me, a special line featuring an exclusive Camon design with a few cute four-legged friends playing and having fun.
This line is also very complete and is perfect for all pet owners who want to offer comfort to their dogs and cats but also desire a vivid and harmonious piece of furniture.

These Camon comfort lines are Made in Italy, an added value that can be perceived both from the choice of fabrics and padding and from a manufacturing technique in which the Italian craftsmanship results in the attention to every detail.
Camon's comfort lines are available at the best pet shops.

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Offering quick but effective solutions for the hygiene and cleaning of pets is one of Camon's goals.
That’s the reason why Camon, always close to customers’ needs, has expanded its range of cleaning wipes with 2 new items, useful for the cleaning needs of four-legged friends.

Camon cleansing wipes
are designed for the hygiene and cleaning of dogs and cats.
Thanks to their convenience, effectiveness, and breadth of range, they are perfect both at home and when traveling to clean fur and paws, muzzle and ears, removing also bad smells.
Their delicate formulation soothes, nourishes and protects the pet’s coat.

These 2 new references further extend the possibilities of pet owners who can now also choose the Romantic Wood and Sea Breeze fragrances:
- the wipes with the delicate Romantic Wood fragrance are available in the Maxi Format package which contains 100 wipes measuring 30x17 cm;
- the wipes with the fresh Sea Breeze fragrance are available in packs containing 40 wipes measuring 30x20 cm.

Camon's range of cleaning wipes satisfies the needs for a quick but thorough hygiene of adult dogs and cats but also of puppies and small animals, with an assortment that includes more than 20 products, available in different formats to adapt to animals of all sizes and featuring some specific varieties with Neem oil for a natural protection or with chlorhexidine for purifying purposes.

Camon wipes are made in Italy
and, thanks to their freshness-saving closure, they are practical in every situation and season, even in summer, to refresh and nourish the fur of dogs and cats.
Furthermore, they do not contain any alcohol or parabens.
Camon's line of cleaning wipes is available at the best pet shops.

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Innovation is one of the keys that allow you to take care of the well-being of pets in an increasingly specific and effective way. Therefore, Camon is proud to present Canahelp, a complementary food that contains hemp flour, available in paste and in tablets forms.

Hemp flour is a food with a high nutritional value, as it contains many fundamental elements for the well-being of the body:
- group B vitamins and high amounts of vitamin E, an antioxidant that fights premature aging of cells, promoting tissue regeneration and helping to strengthen the immune system;
- fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, Omega 3 and Omega 6;
- all 8 essential amino acids (cysteine, glutamine, glycine, isoleucine, tryptophan, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine).

For this reason, using a product that contains hemp flour can lead to advantages for your pet, whenever there is a need to:
- relieve chronic pain due to surgery, injuries or tumors
- help to reassure him in case of stress or trauma
- loosen muscle tension
- keep the coat shiny and the skin healthy
- support the normal function of the immune system
- offer a natural reduction of inflammation
- contribute to the physiological maintenance of sensory functions
- perform an effective antioxidant action in controlling free radicals of the cartilaginous tissue

Canahelp paste
, available in a 100g tube, is easy to give to cats and small dogs thanks to its exceptional palatability; its malt content supports their digestion, improving appetite and preventing the formation of hairballs.
Canahelp, as mentioned, is also available in tablet form (in 180g jar, corresponding to 225 tablets) containing, in addition to hemp flour, methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), glucosamine, silicic acid and chondroitin sulphate; these ingredients are particularly recommended to relieve degenerative diseases.

Canahelp has been recently presented in some important events such as Zoomark 2023 International Fair in Bologna and Scivac Veterinary Conference in Rimini, arousing great interest for its peculiarities and innovative nature.

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SCIVAC Rimini Congress is one of the most important international events in the field of veterinary medicine.
And our company will also participate in the 2023 edition with its own exclusive stand.

The 2023 edition will be held, as usual, at the Palacongressi di Rimini from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 May and will also see our company among the protagonists with an exhibition space in which we will highlight in particular our rich range of complementary foods and our line of natural protection products, that have made Camon and our Orme Naturali line increasingly known and appreciated by experts of the sector and by owners of dogs and cats.

You will find us at booth H41.
The event is reserved for operators.
More infos on

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Zoomark fair is coming again and, in 2023, the BolognaFiere event celebrates the milestone of the 20th edition, confirming itself as one of the most important fairs in Europe in the pet products market.
And we at Camon will also, as usual, be protagonist in this important event with our stand where all our strategic lines will be highlighted, in a space that will allow visitors to fully understand the values, the variety of assortment and the specific attention to the naturalness, innovation and sustainability choices that characterize our company.

The event will take place, as usual, at the BolognaFiere spaces.
If you are an operator, come and visit us at Pavilion 26 - Stand B/81 – C/86!

More infos on
Click HERE to visit our Exhibitor tab within Zoomark website.

“Zoomark International is a truly international showcase for companies across the pet industry, from food products to hygiene and comfort, from raw materials to processing, machinery to packaging, logistics to services.
In the run-up to the event, Zoomark will be hosting a series of special informational initiatives for the pet business community regarding key issues for the sector, enabling pet industry professionals to come together, network and interact.
Manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters, wholesalers, retailers and specialized chains, groomers, vets and garden centres all know that Zoomark is the best qualified, leading-edge event to engage with top international players, preview new products and services, gain insight into new market trends and key issues, identify partners and suppliers, and formulate growth strategies.”

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Any moment can be the right one for an outdoor experience with our four-legged friend.
Therefore, Camon has expanded its range of harnesses with Comfort Plus, the new specialized line designed to make every outdoor adventure comfortable and safe.


The new Comfort Plus harnesses were designed to meet the needs for comfort and safety required by all pet owners looking for a new aid for successful walks with their dog. The quality of the materials and the structural choices make these harnesses the best technical option:
- the padding guarantees maximum comfort for the animal;
- Nylon fabric offers high strength to the harness;
- The high-quality buckles ensure practicality of use and resistance.
Furthermore, thanks to the convenient adjustments, the Comfort Plus harnesses adapt perfectly to your dog’s needs for wearability.

Another particular attention was paid to the high quality of the reflective trimming, in order to offer greater safety, especially in the hours of the day with poor visibility.
Camon's Comfort Plus harnesses are available in 4 sizes (in rang from M to XXL) and in 5 colors black, red, dark teal, orange and fuchsia.

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