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From now on, offering an inviting and healthy snack to your pet will be even easier and more friendly!
Yes, we are proud to present our original line of complementary foods, designed for rodents and small pets such as gerbils, hamsters, degus, chinchillas, guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits.

The line is made up of 6 references based on top quality vegetable ingredients, without colourants and preservatives.
Each of these snacks was developed with 2 main goals:
- Offering a healthy complement to your pet’s daily diet.
- Encouraging your pet’s dental health in a concrete way.

Furthermore, thanks to their particular and beautiful shapes, resulting from an exclusive production process, these treats can also enrich the domestic environment of small pets, guaranteeing hours of tasty entertainment and, at the same time, stimulating their natural curiosity.

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SCIVAC Rimini Congress is one of the most important international events in the field of veterinary medicine.
And Camon will also participate in the 2024 edition, a special edition to celebrate 40 years of SCIVAC!

The 2024 edition will take place at the Palacongressi di Rimini from Friday 24th to Sunday 28th May and we will join the event with an exclusive space in which we will highlight our wide range of complementary foods and our line of natural protection products, that has made Camon increasingly known and appreciated also by veterinary doctors, as well as by sector operators and pet owners.

You will find us at booth G31.
The event is reserved for operators.

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Interzoo is about to return as one of the most important and popular international events in the pet market.
Now, in its 38th edition, the event will take place at the Nuremberg Messe exhibition center.
And Camon will join the event too: our own stand will display our most significant products and innovations, in a space that will give all pet professionals the opportunity to learn more about and appreciate the choices, the variety of assortment and the quality of our products.

If you are an operator, come and visit us at our booth in Hall 7 - Stand 7-633.
We are waiting for you!
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Click HERE to visit our Exhibitor tab within Interzoo website.

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Camon's range of post-operative accessories, designed for a more effective management of the healing phases after surgery or, more generally, of dermatological disorders, offers a new and interesting product: the Exclusive post-operative onesie for dogs, designed to meet with their needs for protection and comfort.

The use of Camon's Exclusive post-operative onesie is recommended to protect the skin after surgery or in case of dermatological problems such as infections, allergies, eczema, itching or dermatitis, for an effective restoration of the animal's skin well-being.
Improved in its fit, easy to put on thanks to the Velcro closure on the back and adjustable length, this shirt is made with a soft external fabric and a breathable lining which gives it both lightness and resistance.

The Exclusive post-operative shirt by Camon is combined with the other 2 models already present in the assortment, namely the Deluxe post-operative dog shirt, as well as the specific post-operative shirt for cats.
Designed to offer to your four-legged friend comfort, breathability and best fit, Camon's post-operative shirts are available in a wide assortment of sizes to adapt to the different needs of several breeds.

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Offering quick but effective solutions for the hygiene and cleaning of pets is constantly one of Camon's goals. That’s the reason why Camon has increased its range of cleaning wipes with 4 new items, useful for the cleaning of four-legged friends.

Camon's line of cleansing wipes now includes a new specific item: Cotton Flower-scented wipes for puppies, made of soft fabric and designed to gently cleanse their skin and fur. Available in pack of 40 pieces, their special formula helps to keep the skin soft and the fur fresh, clean, and delicately scented. These wipes are alcohol-free, paraben-free and peg-free.

In addition to this absolute novelty, Camon has included 3 new items to make its offer even more assorted:
- the Myrrh-scented Wipes with Chlorhexidine, already available in packs of 40 wipes, are now offered also in Maxi pack of 100 pieces, size 30x17 cm;
- the wipes with Musk&Aloe and Milk&Honey fragrances, already available in Maxi pack of 100 pieces, are now offered also in pack of 40 pieces, size 20x30 cm.

Thanks to these new items, Camon's range of cleansing wipes increasingly meets the hygiene needs of dogs and cats. It includes more than 25 items, available in many fragrances and different formats to meet with all possible requirements.
Furthermore, some specific blends with Neem oil or with chlorhexidine are recommended for a natural protection or for purifying purposes.

All Camon wipes are made in Italy and, thanks to their freshness seal, they are practical in every situation and season, even in summer, to refresh and nourish the fur of dogs and cats.
Furthermore, they do not contain any alcohol or parabens.
Camon's line of cleaning wipes is available at the best pet shops.

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QuattrozampeInFiera is ready to return!

This important event will have its first stage in Rome from Saturday 24 to Sunday 25 February, giving the opportunity to companies, dog centers, veterinarians, athletes, breeders and many other to directly meet pet owners.

And Camon will attend some events of QuattrozampeInFiera 2024, to be even closer to all pet owners who want to offer the best to their dogs and cats.

The first stage will take place at the Fiera di Roma spaces (HALL 3 - EAST ENTRANCE), on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February.

At our stand space it will be possible to learn more about some of our most important products.

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A new snack is ready to conquer our four-legged friends: the Milk&Honey snack line by Camon, tasty treats with Goat Milk, Honey and Royal Jelly developed to delight your dog while satisfying its urge for chewing.

The special composition of these new snacks from Camon's Milk&Honey line is based, among other ingredients, on Goat Milk, Honey and Royal Jelly, offering adult dogs a delicious and healthy snack.
Available as Bones in 3 different sizes, and Sticks, in the original shape of a honey spoon. Thanks to their particular structure, these snacks satisfy your dog’s urge for chewing.

The snacks from Camon's Milk&Honey line represent a great option for varying your pet’s diet, offering a tasty and healthy complement to its daily food ration with some specific characteristics:
- source of calcium
- without colourants
- Gluten Free formula

Camon's Milk&Honey snacks are available in the best pet shops.

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Christmas holidays are almost here and all pet owners can't wait to share them with their inseparable four-legged friends.
And also the Christmas Collection 2023 by Camon returns again this year with all its new toys, accessories, an exclusive line of comfort products and with the great new the Advent Calendar.

Christmas holidays are a precious period for spending more time with your four-legged friend, sharing with him the dimension of play, an important activity for strengthening the relationship between owner and animal.
For this reason, Camon has renewed its line of dog and cat toys, available in an huge assortment in the representative shapes and colors of Christmas time.

Share the magic of waiting for Christmas in the company of your dog can be really fun with the delicious treats of the Advent Calendar by Camon: a snack for every day, in an assortment of flavors and shapes, that can be offer to Fido as a tasty reward and complementary food.

Christmas holidays are also a perfect time to rest and to give our pets some healthy relaxation.
For this reason, Camon has created a new elegant comfort line, 100% Made in Italy, with a splendid typically Christmas pattern: this collection includes elegant rectangular and oval kennels and soft cushions perfect to provide the right color to home interiors.
Furthermore, as further accessories Camon also offers two supersoft blankets and a lovely Christmas sweatshirt, available from size 24 to size 40, equipped with a detachable hood with snap buttons and a Warm faux fur lining.

Camon's 2023 Christmas Collection is available in the best pet shops.

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Every day is the right one to give concrete shape to our imagination.
This is what inspires us and makes each of our clothing collections so special.

We want to be by your side, in an ever-new way, to offer you innovative and quality models to take care of your pet friend.
Italian style, excellent fit, quality materials and a selection of colors and patterns that never cease to surprise you: our experience in offering elegance and protection to our four-legged friends is condensed in our Dog Coat Collection 23-24.

Our new collection of sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, down jackets and raincoats, finished to the smallest details by our team of designers, is ready and just waiting to be discovered and appreciated.
Free, like you, like us.

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All pet owners that are looking for tasty and functional treats for their cat, the can now count on a great brand new product: Camon's Actibones snacks, two new innovative snacks designed as a tasty reward snack for the feline but, at the same time, to contribute to their oral hygiene and enjoyment.

There are several characteristics that make Actibones snacks an original and innovative alternative:
- Thanks to their particular shape, they support the cat's oral hygiene and, used continuously, help reduce the formation of dental plaque;
- Their composition includes some precious ingredients, selected on the basis of the specific needs of the cat:
° Taurine, an essential amino acid which interacts with the various vital processes of the body;
° Vitamin E, that performs a positive action on the immune system as well as important functions in metabolic processes;
° Brewer’s yeast and cat grass, that support the natural expulsion of hairballs.
- By assembling multiple units together, these snacks can be combined creating different shapes and becoming a tasty fun companion for the cat.

The new Actibones snacks by Camon are available in 2 flavors, with cod and chicken and with cod and salmon, both in the freshness-saving 45g pack.
The Actibones snacks are distribute in the best specialized pet shops and further enrich the choice of reward snacks and chewing products offered by Camon.

Actibones: the snack with a particular structure that helps to reduce the dental plaque buildup and, by assembling several units together, becomes a delicious entertaining companion for your cat!

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