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The formation of urinary stones can be very dangerous for dogs and cats.
To contribute to their well-being, Camon's Orme Naturali line offers StruviPet Plus, a complementary food useful for preventing the formation and assisting in the elimination of stones, especially struvite crystals.

The action of StruviPet Plus is based on an exclusive mix of plants and mushrooms recognized for their excellent properties:
- Auricularia
- Vaccinium Macrocarpon
- Solidago Virgaurea
- D-Mannose
- Zea Mays

To the elements mentioned above are added Dl-methionine and Vitamin C, which help to lower the urinary pH by counteracting the possible recurrence of struvite crystals.
StruviPet Plus is a Made in Italy product, available in a pack of 60 palatable tablets and can be combined with StruviPet in paste, a historic product of the Orme Naturali line, for an enhanced effect.

Give 1 tablet every 10 kg of weight once a day directly into the mouth or mixed with food.

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SCIVAC Rimini Congress is one of the most important international events in the field of veterinary medicine and, after two years of forced isolation, it finally returns in phisical presence.
The 2022 edition of the event will be held at the Palacongressi di Rimini from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 May 2022 and will also see our company among the protagonists with an exhibition space in which we will highlight in particular our rich range of complementary foods and our line of natural protection products, that have made Camon and our Orme Naturali line increasingly known and appreciated by experts of the sector and by owners of dogs and cats.

You will find us at booth B08.

The event is reserved for operators.
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The Interzoo international fair in Nurnberg is going to be once again the center of the European and world pet sector from 24 to 27 of May.
Our company will also be protagonist in this important event with its own stand in which all the strategic lines of the company will be presented, a space that will allow visitors to immerse themselves totally in the choices, in the values, in the variety of assortment and quality of the Camon world.
The event will take place, as usual, at the Nurnberg Messe spaces.
If you are an operator, come and visit us at Hall 9 - Stand 9-227!

"Interzoo, the world’s biggest trade fair for pet supplies, attracts decision-makers from the international pet industry to Nuremberg every two years.
The visitors get a comprehensive market overview of the latest products and solutions for professional and animal-friendly care of pets."

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Click HERE to visit our Exhibitor tab within Interzoo website.

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The game is very important to promote the development of skills and for the healthy movement of our pets. This is why we have to to regularly offer them new ways that help keep them active.
And this is also why Camon realised Genius, the new line of wooden toys designed to stimulate the mental activation of the dog.

is Camon’s line of toys that allows you to test your dog’s mental and physical abilities, while stimulating him interactively and offering him a healthy entertainment.
The owner has just to hide his pet favourite treats inside the holes: he will feel challenged to find and grab them, using both his paws and his nose and thus improving his skills.
It’s also important to remember to frequently change the position of the treats in order to make the game even more attractive and varied: for endless fun!
Genius line includes 4 toys in different shapes:

- A round game
- A rectangular game
- A square game
- A rectangular game with reels

Camon's Genius toys are available in the best pet stores.

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Intestinal disorders may affect a lot of dogs and cats and can have a significant impact on their health and a peaceful home life.
To contribute to their well-being, Camon Orme Naturali line presents Enterosalus, a dietary feed supplement for dogs and cats now available in a new exclusive formula, even more effective in the reduction of acute intestinal absorptive disorders.

Enterosalus is a dietary feed supplement for dogs and cats which helps in the reduction of acute intestinal absorptive disorders, during periods of and recovery from acute diarrhoea, thanks to increased level of electrolytes and highly digestible ingredients.
The selected ingredients contained in Enterosalus new formula, act on several levels:
- they help to relieve the intestinal mucosa
- they nourish the intestinal microbiota and promote its diversity
- support the local and general immune system

Enterosalus new formula is available in 50 g powder packs or 30 tablets.
The recommended dosage is 1 spoon/1 tablet every 10 kg of weight, 1-2 times a day, completing the daily ration with the usual food.

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After the postponement due to the well-known events related to the health emergency, finally also the Zoomark international fair in Bologna will once again be the center of the European and world pet sector from 10 to 12 November.
Camon will also attend this important event with its own stand in which all the strategic lines of our company will be presented, a space that will allow visitors to immerse themselves totally in the choices, in the values, in the variety of assortment and quality of the Camon world: a precious opportunity to discover and fully experience the Camon experience.
The event will take place, as usual, at the BolognaFiere spaces.

If you are an operator, come and visit us at Pavilion 26 - Stand A / 95 - B / 88!
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Click HERE to visit our Exhibitor tab  Zoomark website.

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Camon at Bricoday 2021 Expo&Forum: after the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to the Covid emergency, the important Bricoday Expo & Forum event takes place again, designed to bring together and put in communication the most important Italian and international active players in the DIY sector.
Bricoday Expo & Forum is a conference-exhibition which, year after year, is registering an increasing number of participants, gaining a growing interest.

Camon will also be present in this 2021 edition with a dedicated exhibition space.
If you operate in this industry, come and visit us at stand M20!

Click HERE to visit our profile in the Exhibitors section.

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Dressing your dog, nowadays, is no longer considered only an aesthetic habit. Pet owners are, in fact, aware of the importance that a specific item of clothing can have for the well-being of their four-legged friend.
This is why Camon, always close to the needs of those who share their lives with a pet, is pleased to present the new Fall / Winter 21-22 Clothing Collection.

The long experience gained in the sector, combined with continuous research and improvement of models, allows Camon to offer a collection that satisfies the needs of comfort, fit and style of the dog, in a skilful balance between aesthetic pleasure and functionality.
Camon designer team studies, designs and tests the models, built around the real needs of the animal. Added to this, the attention to detail that embellishes each garment, making it unique and recognizable.

It is not just a set of ideas and creativity.
It is not just a selection of models and solutions.
And no, stressing their beauty and quality is not yet enough.
There is more to it.
There is much more to it.

Each of our collections stems from the desire to offer all pet fans and owners a new and exciting experience.
Taste and style speak Italian, thanks to our team of designers.
Wearability is built and tested around the real needs of the animal.
Attention to details enhances each model, making it unique and noticeable.
Our new collection offers a wide range of sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, down jackets and raincoats, as well as some models that are manufactured entirely in Italy.
We have studied, designed and manufactured them with our utmost care.
They look like us: they were born to surprise you, like us.

99% of the clothing items in our collection are made with total respect for animal welfare, without the use of animal skins, furs and animal by-products.
Furthermore, some models were produced from 100% recycled material: a further focus on sustainability.
The packaging of our dog apparel is made from cardboard: an environmentally friendly choice.

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To contribute to the well-being of the upper urinary tract of dogs and cats, Camon's Orme Naturali line has created Help-Nefro, a complementary food created to maintain the physiological kidney function of pets.

Renal failure is a pathology that can severely damage the kidneys, compromising their functionality. When it is established, the mechanism of disposal of waste substances present in the blood is altered and this leads to a progressive accumulation of these substances and intoxication of the organism.
Help-Nefro is a complementary food in paste, based on precious plant extracts, mushrooms and vitamins (it contains Cordyceps, Reishi, Garcinia Mangostana, Gingko Biloba and Olea Europea, as well as Linseed Oil and Fish Oil, important sources of Omega 3 and Omega 6), created to maintain the physiological renal function of dogs and cats thanks to the exceptional properties of its composition.

Help-Nefro is available in a practical 30g graduated syringe and can be administered directly into the mouth or added to the animal's food.
The daily dosage may undergo changes according to the opinion of the veterinarian.
Instructions for use:
- Cats: 1 g of product, 1 or 2 times a day
- Dogs: 1 g of product every 5 kg of live weight, 1 or 2 times a day

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Is it possible to stimulate the healthy fun of the dog and, at the same time, contribute to its well-being? Yes, it is thanks to Camon's new chewable functional toys, a made in Italy and unique product on the market, available in 3 different versions.

These new functional chewable toys, made with digestible starch, are designed to ensure the playful activity of the animal by promoting its dental hygiene and releasing natural substances with beneficial actions. Safe in case of ingestion and useful to help prevent the formation of tartar, they do not alter the animal's diet and are available in 3 variants:

Ginger Toy, for the wellbeing while travelling
• Carbon Toy, for white teeth
• Mint Toy, for a fresh breath

Camon's chewable functional toys have been tested and validated by the Veterinary Physiologists of the University of Teramo, who have declared the safety of raw materials for the health of the dog. Their elasticity and hardness are, in fact, suitable thanks to a consistency that guarantees chewing without being excessive or harmful to teeth and gums.
Their water-soluble formulation favors a rapid release of the additives contained and, despite being free of preservatives, is not subject to the development of molds or pathogens. Furthermore, these games do not expire.

Camon's chewable functional toys are available in a practical display that clearly describes the intended use of the references, which can be purchased in a single pack of 3 pieces.

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