Camon presents the new Milk&Honey snacks line for dogs

A new snack is ready to conquer our four-legged friends: the Milk&Honey snack line by Camon, tasty treats with Goat Milk, Honey and Royal Jelly developed to delight your dog while satisfying its urge for chewing.

The special composition of these new snacks from Camon's Milk&Honey line is based, among other ingredients, on Goat Milk, Honey and Royal Jelly, offering adult dogs a delicious and healthy snack.
Available as Bones in 3 different sizes, and Sticks, in the original shape of a honey spoon. Thanks to their particular structure, these snacks satisfy your dog’s urge for chewing.

The snacks from Camon's Milk&Honey line represent a great option for varying your pet’s diet, offering a tasty and healthy complement to its daily food ration with some specific characteristics:
- source of calcium
- without colourants
- Gluten Free formula

Camon's Milk&Honey snacks are available in the best pet shops.

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Taking care of pets hygiene and beauty is a need that is increasingly felt by all pet owners.
This is why Camon has expanded its product range with 3 new cleaning wipes, in the disposable format, with a natural composition and very useful for the specific cleaning of four-legged friends.

For the ear hygiene of dogs, cats and small animals, Camon offers these practical finger pads which, thanks to their composition with Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel, are perfect for removing ear wax and dirt, reducing odours and helping to improve your dog’s overall ear hygiene.
It will be sufficient to put them on the index finger and gently pass them on the atrial auricle and the ear canal.

Another interesting product presented by Camon are these disposable pet dental finger pads with Mint and Green Tea, useful for cleaning the teeth of dogs, cats and small animals.
Daily use of our finger pads enables effective cleaning of your pet’s mouth and teeth and ensures care and hygiene of their dentition.
The dental care finger pads reduce the formation of plaque and promote fresh breath.
No annoying fiddling with the toothbrush and toothpaste. Just put them on your index finger and gently pass them on teeth and gums.

Camon's new range of disposable wipes is completed by these pads designed for cleaning the eyes of four-legged friends.
Their composition, based on Aloe Vera and Glycerin, is perfect for cleaning the eyes of dogs, cats and small animals and gentle in removing dirt and tear stains.
For proper use, it is suggested to clean the area surrounding the eye daily, cleansing the hair and skin with extreme delicacy.

The new Camon cleansing wipes are presented in compact packs which contain respectively 50 pieces (in the case of wipes for cleaning ears and teeth) and 100 pieces (for cleaning the eye contour), do not contain parabens and are available in best specialized shops.

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Every day is the right one to give concrete shape to our imagination.
This is what inspires us and makes each of our clothing collections so special.

We want to be by your side, in an ever-new way, to offer you innovative and quality models to take care of your pet friend.
Italian style, excellent fit, quality materials and a selection of colors and patterns that never cease to surprise you: our experience in offering elegance and protection to our four-legged friends is condensed in our Dog Coat Collection 23-24.

Our new collection of sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, down jackets and raincoats, finished to the smallest details by our team of designers, is ready and just waiting to be discovered and appreciated.
Free, like you, like us.

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Camon at Bricoday 2021 Expo&Forum: after the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to the Covid emergency, the important Bricoday Expo & Forum event takes place again, designed to bring together and put in communication the most important Italian and international active players in the DIY sector.
Bricoday Expo & Forum is a conference-exhibition which, year after year, is registering an increasing number of participants, gaining a growing interest.

Camon will also be present in this 2021 edition with a dedicated exhibition space.
If you operate in this industry, come and visit us at stand M20!

Click HERE to visit our profile in the Exhibitors section.

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