Free to be themselvesā€¦with our Dog Coat Collection 23-24 šŸ•

Every day is the right one to give concrete shape to our imagination.
This is what inspires us and makes each of our clothing collections so special.

We want to be by your side, in an ever-new way, to offer you innovative and quality models to take care of your pet friend.
Italian style, excellent fit, quality materials and a selection of colors and patterns that never cease to surprise you: our experience in offering elegance and protection to our four-legged friends is condensed in our Dog Coat Collection 23-24.

Our new collection of sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, down jackets and raincoats, finished to the smallest details by our team of designers, is ready and just waiting to be discovered and appreciated.
Free, like you, like us.

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Is it possible to stimulate the healthy fun of the dog and, at the same time, contribute to its well-being? Yes, it is thanks to Camon's new chewable functional toys, a made in Italy and unique product on the market, available in 3 different versions.

These new functional chewable toys, made with digestible starch, are designed to ensure the playful activity of the animal by promoting its dental hygiene and releasing natural substances with beneficial actions. Safe in case of ingestion and useful to help prevent the formation of tartar, they do not alter the animal's diet and are available in 3 variants:

Ginger Toy, for the wellbeing while travelling
• Carbon Toy, for white teeth
• Mint Toy, for a fresh breath

Camon's chewable functional toys have been tested and validated by the Veterinary Physiologists of the University of Teramo, who have declared the safety of raw materials for the health of the dog. Their elasticity and hardness are, in fact, suitable thanks to a consistency that guarantees chewing without being excessive or harmful to teeth and gums.
Their water-soluble formulation favors a rapid release of the additives contained and, despite being free of preservatives, is not subject to the development of molds or pathogens. Furthermore, these games do not expire.

Camon's chewable functional toys are available in a practical display that clearly describes the intended use of the references, which can be purchased in a single pack of 3 pieces.

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MilanoVetExpo comes back in face-to-face mode.
“Be part of the future” is the title given to this important event for the veterinary world, which will be held on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 March at Allianz Mico – Fiera Milano Congressi.
A dense program of meetings and appointments awaits all Veterinary Doctors who will discuss and analyze the current scenarios of the sector.

Also Camon will be present at this event with an exhibition space (stand I 11) in which we will highlight in particular our Orme Naturali line, the rich range of complementary foods and natural protection products that have made Camon known and appreciated by operators and pet owners.

The event is reserved for operators.
More infos on https://www.milanovetexpo.it/.

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Camon at Bricoday 2021 Expo&Forum: after the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to the Covid emergency, the important Bricoday Expo & Forum event takes place again, designed to bring together and put in communication the most important Italian and international active players in the DIY sector.
Bricoday Expo & Forum is a conference-exhibition which, year after year, is registering an increasing number of participants, gaining a growing interest.

Camon will also be present in this 2021 edition with a dedicated exhibition space.
If you operate in this industry, come and visit us at stand M20!

Click HERE to visit our profile in the Exhibitors section.

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