The snack that enjoys and keeps cats active 😸🐈

All pet owners that are looking for tasty and functional treats for their cat, the can now count on a great brand new product: Camon's Actibones snacks, two new innovative snacks designed as a tasty reward snack for the feline but, at the same time, to contribute to their oral hygiene and enjoyment.

There are several characteristics that make Actibones snacks an original and innovative alternative:
- Thanks to their particular shape, they support the cat's oral hygiene and, used continuously, help reduce the formation of dental plaque;
- Their composition includes some precious ingredients, selected on the basis of the specific needs of the cat:
° Taurine, an essential amino acid which interacts with the various vital processes of the body;
° Vitamin E, that performs a positive action on the immune system as well as important functions in metabolic processes;
° Brewer’s yeast and cat grass, that support the natural expulsion of hairballs.
- By assembling multiple units together, these snacks can be combined creating different shapes and becoming a tasty fun companion for the cat.

The new Actibones snacks by Camon are available in 2 flavors, with cod and chicken and with cod and salmon, both in the freshness-saving 45g pack.
The Actibones snacks are distribute in the best specialized pet shops and further enrich the choice of reward snacks and chewing products offered by Camon.

Actibones: the snack with a particular structure that helps to reduce the dental plaque buildup and, by assembling several units together, becomes a delicious entertaining companion for your cat!

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A great novelty is ready to conquer even the most demanding palates!
Camon's range of snacks grows with the Pralinery line, 6 delicious praline-shaped treats of Made-in-Italy production.

is Camon's innovative line of Made in Italy premium snacks, developed to meet the needs of all adult dogs, even those with the most demanding palate.
Pralinery snacks are baked in the oven and have a gluten-free and additive-free formula. The recipe of these items includes high quality ingredients with well-known properties that promote the well-being of your pet and are suitable for daily use, being designed to provide a light, healthy and tasty snack at the same time.

There are 3 ingredients that form the basis of these innovative snacks:
- pork greaves: rich in noble proteins and fats, they are an appetizing highly digestible food, also useful for dogs with food intolerances.
- rice: naturally gluten-free and easily digestible cereal, it is a nutritional source of energy and an excellent food even when mixed with protein sources of animal origin.
- linseed oil: vegetable fat source of essential fatty acids (contains about 60% of alpha-linoleic acid and 15% of oleic acid), whose antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties are known, which promote vascular and intestinal function.

In association with these ingredients, each variation of the Pralinery line is characterized by some additional selected ingredients that allow each owner to be able to count on a wide range of flavors:
- passiflora and honey
- echinacea and honey
- devil's claw and coconut oil
- ginseng and goji berry
- bilberry and linseed
- orange and açai berry

Camon's Pralinery snacks are available, in the best pet shops, in 80 g packs with a freshness seal, which guarantees excellent conservation after opening.

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Interzoo is one of the most important international pet fairs. For this reason, even in the 2018 edition, Camon will attend this event with an impressive stand (at hall 9, stand 227) and with a significant and numerous presence at the event. For further information: https://www.interzoo.com/en

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Christmas holidays are almost here and all pet owners can't wait to share them with their inseparable four-legged friends.
And also the Christmas Collection 2023 by Camon returns again this year with all its new toys, accessories, an exclusive line of comfort products and with the great new the Advent Calendar.

Christmas holidays are a precious period for spending more time with your four-legged friend, sharing with him the dimension of play, an important activity for strengthening the relationship between owner and animal.
For this reason, Camon has renewed its line of dog and cat toys, available in an huge assortment in the representative shapes and colors of Christmas time.

Share the magic of waiting for Christmas in the company of your dog can be really fun with the delicious treats of the Advent Calendar by Camon: a snack for every day, in an assortment of flavors and shapes, that can be offer to Fido as a tasty reward and complementary food.

Christmas holidays are also a perfect time to rest and to give our pets some healthy relaxation.
For this reason, Camon has created a new elegant comfort line, 100% Made in Italy, with a splendid typically Christmas pattern: this collection includes elegant rectangular and oval kennels and soft cushions perfect to provide the right color to home interiors.
Furthermore, as further accessories Camon also offers two supersoft blankets and a lovely Christmas sweatshirt, available from size 24 to size 40, equipped with a detachable hood with snap buttons and a Warm faux fur lining.

Camon's 2023 Christmas Collection is available in the best pet shops.

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