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AEquilibriAVet tablets

AEquilibriAVet is a complementary food with lemon balm, valerian, ginger and tryphtofan. Lemon balm and valerian have a calming effect but without being real sedatives. The ginger soothes digestive problems such as nausea and vomit. It enhances the digestion.
Furthermore, AEquilibriAVet contains the Tryoptophan amino acid, a precursor of the serotonin neurotransmitter which is a valid anxiolytic. Thanks to the combination of all these essential components, AEquilibriAVet has a relaxing effect, is a valid anxiolytic and adjuvant for controlling wrong or excessive behaviours.

AEquilibriAVet is particularly suggested in case of:
• separation anxiety (short period of stay in pets boarding houses or flats, changes of house etc.)
• arrival of new family members (child, pet etc.)
• noises stress (traffic, thunders, fireworks etc.)
• nervous tics (compulsive licks and bites etc.)
• continuous barking/meowing, during day and night, caused by long periods of loneliness
• hyperkinesia
• senility problems (insomnia/vocalizing)
• hyperaggressiveness and destructive behaviour
• motion sickness
• inappropriate expulsions (territory marking and non-marking)

Directions: 1 tablet per 10 kg bodyweight per day.

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G88360 tablets
G883/A30 tablets

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