Code: C480

Clear stickers with dogs

Clear stickers for plastic dog signs (item #C580).
Choose among the many breeds that of your four-legged friend.

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Reference table

C480Bassotto (testa)2 pcs
C481Bassotto a pelo ruvido2 pcs
C482Shar Pei2 pcs
C483Dogue de bordeaux   2 pcs
C484Afghan hound2 pcs
C485Alaskan malamute2 pcs
C486American staffordshire terrier2 pcs
C487American staffordshire terrier2 pcs
C488Basset hound2 pcs
C490Bullmastiff  2 pcs
C491Bullterrier            2 pcs
C492Chihuahua              2 pcs
C494Collie                 2 pcs
C495Dogo argentino         2 pcs
C498Maltese             2 pcs
C499Chihuahua              2 pcs
C506Beagle (testa)2 pcs
C509Boxer yellow (testa)2 pcs
C510Border collie (testa)2 pcs
C512Chow chow red (testa)2 pcs
C513Labrador retriever (testa)2 pcs
C515West highland white terrier (testa)2 pcs
C516Whippet (testa)2 pcs
C517Cocker spaniel (testa)2 pcs
C521Carlino (testa)2 pcs
C522Yorkshire terrier (testa)2 pcs
C523Rottweiler (testa)2 pcs
C524San bernardo (testa)2 pcs
C525Bulldog inglese (testa)2 pcs
C527Terranova (testa)2 pcs
C528Yorkshire terrier2 pcs
C529Boxer tigrato2 pcs
C530Boxer tigrato (testa)2 pcs
C531Boxer fulvo (testa)2 pcs
C532Rottweiler2 pcs
C534Golden retriever2 pcs
C535Golden retriever (testa)2 pcs
C536Fox terrier2 pcs
C537Alano arlecchino (testa)2 pcs
C538Schnauzer nero (testa)2 pcs
C539Dobermann (testa)2 pcs
C540Dobermann2 pcs
C544White terrier2 pcs
C545Bobtail2 pcs
C546Samoiedo2 pcs
C547Labrador nero (testa)2 pcs
C550Shih-tzu2 pcs
C551Siberian husky (testa)2 pcs
C552Chow-chow2 pcs
C554Pointer (testa)2 pcs
C555Alano (testa)2 pcs
C556Pastore belga (testa)2 pcs
C557Pastore malinois (testa)2 pcs
C558Pastore alsaziano (testa)2 pcs
C559Pastore tedesco2 pcs
C560Cocker spaniel (testa)2 pcs
C562Bretagne spaniel (testa)2 pcs
C568Berner sennen (testa)2 pcs
C569Pastore maremmano (testa)2 pcs
C573Dalmata (testa)2 pcs
C574Setter irlandese2 pcs
C575Alano fulvo (testa)2 pcs
C576Jack Russel terrier (testa)2 pcs
C577English setter (testa)2 pcs

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