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Dental spray

In order to prevent the plaque and its dangerous effects, it is important to fight the main causes which bring to its formation such as bacteria and a wrong oral hygiene.

Tea tree Oil, Propolis Extract and Grapefruit Seed extract are excellent adjuvants in eliminating oral bacteria which are the main cause of plaque.
Their action is also enhanced by lemon essential oils, lavender and sage. Moreover, propolis, Tea tree oil and sage hasten the healing of wounds and are very helpful in case of oral ulcer or light mouth bleeding.
Lemon, sage, lavender, grapefruit and Propolis activate and support the immune system.
The combination of all these components is also helpful against halitosis, it diminishes oral redness and whitens your pet's teeth thanks to the sage.
Its liquid composition will reach every interstice and guarantee a perfect oral hygiene. Its alkaline composition fights acidosis and fur oxidation around mouth and eyes.

Directions: Spray 4 to 6 jets on pet’s teeth and in the oral cavity once a day after the last feed, without brushing and rinsing.

Quantità: 50 ml

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