Code: B190/B

Deshedding glove with coarse knobs for dogs and cats

Double-sided glove for dogs and cats.
For coat care or for removing loose hair.
One side features soft, flexible knobs that are ideal for coat care, massage and improved circulation. The velour side is ideal for removing loose hairs, fuzz, fluff and dust from your pet’s coat, as well as from textiles, clothes, cushions and scratching trees.

• COARSE KNOBS: Grooming glove for short-haired dogs and cats such as Fox Terrier, Flat coated retriever, Cavalier, Setter, gatto Ragdoll, etc.
• Wide rubber band with Velcro fastener: to keep it in place
• Thumbholes on either side: for left- and right-handed use
• Machine washable at 30°C
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