Code: C778/2

New "Outdoor" boots

Protects your dog’s paws from cold and ice, damp weather, and harsh surfaces.
Shields injuries to assist healing.
These soft, comfortable boots with Velcro bands provide an easy, quick and secure fit.
Keeps mud and sand off your dog’s paws and bandages.

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Manuali d'uso

Reference table

CodeSizeLenghtSuggested breeds
C778/225,5 cmMaltese, Shih-tzu, Dachshund
C778/336 cmMops, Jack Russell, West Highland Terrier
C778/446,5 cmWhippet, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd
C778/557 cmSchnauzer, Airedale Terrier, Dobermann
C778/667,5 cmGerman Shepherd, Golden Retriever
C778/778 cmRottweiler, Dogue de Bordeaux

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