Code: DC180/A.01

Reflective nylon leash with adjustable lenght

Practical and functional nylon leash with reflex seams that offer greater safety especially during hours with low light.
- adjustable length
- equipped with safe carabiner

Available in 3 sizes and 4 colors (red, blue, black and purple).
Ideale per:

Reference table

DC180/A.0115x1200/2000 mmRed
DC180/B.0120x1200/2000 mmRed
DC180/C.0125x1200/2000 mmRed
DC180/A.0215x1200/2000 mmBlue
DC180/B.0220x1200/2000 mmBlue
DC180/C.0225x1200/2000 mmBlue
DC180/A.0315x1200/2000 mmBlack
DC180/B.0320x1200/2000 mmBlack
DC180/C.0325x1200/2000 mmBlack
DC180/A.0615x1200/2000 mmPurple
DC180/B.0620x1200/2000 mmPurple
DC180/C.0625x1200/2000 mmPurple

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