Code: C220/1

Sanitary wrap for male dogs

Male wraps for incontinent dogs or male marking.
Comfort and safety for your home environment. These wraps prevent your dog's instinct to mark territory even at home, for this reason they are highly instructive. They are also useful to control any incontinence problems.

Ideale per:

Reference table

tg. 1 (XS Ø 30/34 cm)C220/1C221/1
tg. 2 (S Ø 36/42 cm)C220/2C221/2
tg. 3 (M Ø 45/52 cm)C220/3C221/3
tg. 4 (L Ø 56/60 cm)  C220/4C221/4
tg. 5 (XL Ø 62/70 cm)  C220/5C221/5

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