Code: C794/A

Swimming pool for dogs

...a bath of freshness for your four-pawed friend!

This roomy paddling pool gives the dog swimming fun and freshness.

• It is made of sturdy materials and is provided with a non-slip surface;
• It can be quickly mounted and dismounted and it is easy to transport thanks to its handy pocket;
• The pool can be set up in a circle, or adjusted to fit the shape of its surrounding;
• No need of air pump or strenuous inflation;
• It is provided with a valve for water drainage;
• Easy to clean;
• Due to the low height of its side walls, it is also suitable for small and medium-sized breeds.

Ideale per:

Reference table

C794/A80x20 cm
C794/B120x30 cm
C794/C160x30 cm

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