Camon presents Enterosalus new formula, a natural help in case of intestinal disorders of dogs and cats

Intestinal disorders may affect a lot of dogs and cats and can have a significant impact on their health and a peaceful home life.
To contribute to their well-being, Camon Orme Naturali line presents Enterosalus, a dietary feed supplement for dogs and cats now available in a new exclusive formula, even more effective in the reduction of acute intestinal absorptive disorders.

Enterosalus is a dietary feed supplement for dogs and cats which helps in the reduction of acute intestinal absorptive disorders, during periods of and recovery from acute diarrhoea, thanks to increased level of electrolytes and highly digestible ingredients.
The selected ingredients contained in Enterosalus new formula, act on several levels:
- they help to relieve the intestinal mucosa
- they nourish the intestinal microbiota and promote its diversity
- support the local and general immune system

Enterosalus new formula is available in 50 g powder packs or 30 tablets.
The recommended dosage is 1 spoon/1 tablet every 10 kg of weight, 1-2 times a day, completing the daily ration with the usual food.

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The issues of hygiene and sanitation, not only personal and domestic but also of our pets, especially those subject to going out for walks, have never been as important and central as in this period.
But how to sanitize, after walking, their legs and other parts of the body that have come into contact with dirty surfaces without incurring intoxication in case of abuse of alcoholic lotions and gels?

Orme Naturali presents the new Spray Cleaner for Dog Paws, a natural solution that bases its sanitizing action on the synergy of three essential oils, rich in very powerful and effective active principles:
- Palmarosa essential oil: Palmarosa (botanical name Cymbopogon martinii), is an essential oil that is gradually gaining popularity in the western world for its important properties, subject matter of multiple scientific studies. It is increasingly used by the food and cosmetic industry for its antioxidant, moisturizing, sanitizing and purifying properties.
- Thyme essential oil: Even more known than Palmarosa essential oil, Thyme oil has been extensively studied and tested for its sanitizing activities, thanks to which it is used in alcohol-free cosmetic preparations.
- Eucalyptus essential oil: The essence of Eucalyptus includes balsamic, purifying, soothing and refreshing properties, thus completing the action of the essential oils of Palmarosa and Thyme.

Instructions for use:
Spray the product on your pet’s legs and let it sit for a few seconds.
Dab any excess with a soft, dry cloth.

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SCIVAC Rimini Congress is one of the most important international events in the field of veterinary medicine and, after two years of forced isolation, it finally returns in phisical presence.
The 2022 edition of the event will be held at the Palacongressi di Rimini from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 May 2022 and will also see our company among the protagonists with an exhibition space in which we will highlight in particular our rich range of complementary foods and our line of natural protection products, that have made Camon and our Orme Naturali line increasingly known and appreciated by experts of the sector and by owners of dogs and cats.

You will find us at booth B08.

The event is reserved for operators.
More infos on https://www.scivacrimini.it/en/

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Camon at Bricoday 2018 Expo & Forum: the only pet company which attends the event. Also this year, the important Bricoday Expo & Forum event takes place again, designed to bring together and put in communication the most important Italian and international active players in the DIY sector. Bricoday Expo & Forum is a conference-exhibition which, year after year, is registering an increasing number of participants, gaining a growing interest. Camon will attend this 2018 edition as the only active company in the pet sector, with a dedicated exhibition space. If you operate in this sector, come and visit us at stand B3! Click HERE to visit our profile in the Exhibitors section.

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