Code: IC053

Ingenya cream with zinc oxide and Tea tree oil

It keeps pads soft and protects them from abrasions.
It protects from the harmful action of boiling tarmac during summer and from ice and salt on the streets in winter.
In case of damaged pads (cuts, abrasions, grazes...) the zinc oxide hastens the healing of wounds while the Tea Tree oil has an antibacterial action.
To use on mosquitoes and other insects' stings or ticks and fleas' bites; Ideal also for fly bites which during summer affect above all the pet's ears.

- Suitable for use on specific alopecia parts affected by mycosis
- To soothe redness and irritations
- It hastens the healing of wounds and has an antibacterial action on superficial wounds and abrasions
- It keeps insects away from your dog and avoids licking
- To soften dog's elbows and avoid bedsores
- Moreover it calms down itch
- It is absorbed very quickly by the dog's skin

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IC053100 g
IC053/A50 g

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