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Skin Energy Plus Croton lechleri

Liquid solution with calming and anti-redness effect. It hastens the healing of wounds in dogs, cats and horses.
The effectiveness of Skin Energy Plus is due to the combination of Croton Lechleri with other essential components:
• Copaiba resin with anti-inflammatory action.
• Hypericum Perforatum which has several properties such as antibacterial, astringent, wounds-healing and soothing action.
• Calendula Officinalis is a valid soothing adjuvant in case of abrasions and skin eruptions.

This plant is an excellent adjuvant to sanitise the skin.
Directions: apply a few drops several times a day on the skin. Massage gently. After a few minutes the lotion builds a protective film over the skin.

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G89020 ml
G890/B60 ml

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