Camon presents the new Christmas Collection 2023 🎄

Christmas holidays are almost here and all pet owners can't wait to share them with their inseparable four-legged friends.
And also the Christmas Collection 2023 by Camon returns again this year with all its new toys, accessories, an exclusive line of comfort products and with the great new the Advent Calendar.

Christmas holidays are a precious period for spending more time with your four-legged friend, sharing with him the dimension of play, an important activity for strengthening the relationship between owner and animal.
For this reason, Camon has renewed its line of dog and cat toys, available in an huge assortment in the representative shapes and colors of Christmas time.

Share the magic of waiting for Christmas in the company of your dog can be really fun with the delicious treats of the Advent Calendar by Camon: a snack for every day, in an assortment of flavors and shapes, that can be offer to Fido as a tasty reward and complementary food.

Christmas holidays are also a perfect time to rest and to give our pets some healthy relaxation.
For this reason, Camon has created a new elegant comfort line, 100% Made in Italy, with a splendid typically Christmas pattern: this collection includes elegant rectangular and oval kennels and soft cushions perfect to provide the right color to home interiors.
Furthermore, as further accessories Camon also offers two supersoft blankets and a lovely Christmas sweatshirt, available from size 24 to size 40, equipped with a detachable hood with snap buttons and a Warm faux fur lining.

Camon's 2023 Christmas Collection is available in the best pet shops.

Other events


After the postponement due to the well-known events related to the health emergency, finally also the Zoomark international fair in Bologna will once again be the center of the European and world pet sector from 10 to 12 November.
Camon will also attend this important event with its own stand in which all the strategic lines of our company will be presented, a space that will allow visitors to immerse themselves totally in the choices, in the values, in the variety of assortment and quality of the Camon world: a precious opportunity to discover and fully experience the Camon experience.
The event will take place, as usual, at the BolognaFiere spaces.

If you are an operator, come and visit us at Pavilion 26 - Stand A / 95 - B / 88!
More infos on https://www.zoomark.it.

Click HERE to visit our Exhibitor tab  Zoomark website.

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Dressing your dog, nowadays, is no longer considered only an aesthetic habit. Pet owners are, in fact, aware of the importance that a specific item of clothing can have for the well-being of their four-legged friend.
This is why Camon, always close to the needs of those who share their lives with a pet, is pleased to present the new Fall / Winter 21-22 Clothing Collection.

The long experience gained in the sector, combined with continuous research and improvement of models, allows Camon to offer a collection that satisfies the needs of comfort, fit and style of the dog, in a skilful balance between aesthetic pleasure and functionality.
Camon designer team studies, designs and tests the models, built around the real needs of the animal. Added to this, the attention to detail that embellishes each garment, making it unique and recognizable.

It is not just a set of ideas and creativity.
It is not just a selection of models and solutions.
And no, stressing their beauty and quality is not yet enough.
There is more to it.
There is much more to it.

Each of our collections stems from the desire to offer all pet fans and owners a new and exciting experience.
Taste and style speak Italian, thanks to our team of designers.
Wearability is built and tested around the real needs of the animal.
Attention to details enhances each model, making it unique and noticeable.
Our new collection offers a wide range of sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, down jackets and raincoats, as well as some models that are manufactured entirely in Italy.
We have studied, designed and manufactured them with our utmost care.
They look like us: they were born to surprise you, like us.

99% of the clothing items in our collection are made with total respect for animal welfare, without the use of animal skins, furs and animal by-products.
Furthermore, some models were produced from 100% recycled material: a further focus on sustainability.
The packaging of our dog apparel is made from cardboard: an environmentally friendly choice.

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Christmas is almost here and, with it, the Camon Christmas Collection is also back, a precious range of products including many new toys for our four-legged friends, nice accessories, an exclusive line designed for their comfort, as well as some snacks with the representative shapes of this period.

Christmas holidays are a perfect period to play more intensely with our pets.
For this reason, Camon has renewed its line of dog toys by selecting many plush, vinyl, rope and latex items in the representative shapes of Christmas time. But cat friends will have many opportunities to have fun too with various plush toys, mice and cute fishing rods, also depicting holiday themes.

Camon's Christmas Collection 2022 also includes some nice accessories, designed to enhance our dog’s style in family celebrations: a Christmas bow tie, a hat and a funny decorative headband, as well as a pretty ceramic Christmas bowl, perfect for serving the favorite cat and dog food during the holidays.

But holidays are also a good time to rest, sharing our home spaces.
Therefore, Camon has created a wonderful new Christmas comfort line, 100% Made in Italy, which includes beds and cushions in a perfect texture to provide the home interiors with the right color.
In addition, there is also a warm and super soft blanket in two sizes and two hideaways for cats and small dogs with the typical winter patterns and colors.

Camon 2022 Christmas Collection is completed with a great innovation: a line of delicious vegetable sweet potato snacks for dogs, available in 4 different variations in the most classic shapes of Christmas time, all Gluten-Free. These very palatable treats were designed as complementary food to complete your dog's daily diet.

Camon's 2022 Christmas Collection is available in the best pet shops.

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